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Visiting Northern Iceland: What Can You Experience in Akureyri?

22 October 2020

Akureyri is a tranquil harbor filled with complete silence. While you’re strolling along its cobbled streets, hardly may you hear the hustle and bustle of night clubs like in Icelandic capital – Reykjavík. The sweet calmness of Akureyri doesn’t fog your mind when you visit this city as a guest. It shows you a real self instead –  untouched nature and quirky architecture. 

When you’re in Akureyri, you may give all your love to this charming city. And it will love you in return with its amazing things that you can do there. So let’s find out what mind-blowing experiences might await you during your trip to this ‘northern capital’ of Iceland. 

Places to visit in Akureyri | Ragnar Blog

Explore Akureyri On Foot

While you’re in Akureyri, it’s hard to stay away from its captivating beauty. The second-largest city of Iceland has countless amazing things to discover on foot. From Akureyri Church that glowers over sleepy streets to eye-pleasing architecture that didn’t lose its fascinating look despite the cold Arctic weather – are among a few of them. 

Strolling along Hafnarstræti Street is another exciting activity for every curious wanderer. When you’re there, you may sit in a cozy coffee house, marveling at traditional houses decorated with unusual gables and painted façades. 

Winter visit to Akureyri | Ragnar Blog

Book a Whale Watching Tour

A wide variety of whales live in the biggest Icelandic fjord – Eyjafjord. Humpback, minke, and bottle-nosed whales found their sweet home in these cold waters. Just imagine for a moment how these wonderful mammals jump gracefully above the waterline and play with their giant fins. And you stay as a passenger on a boat deck observing this fantastic scene. 

Yeah, that’s how a typical whale watching tour looks like. And Akureyri is a perfect place to do this amazing activity as it is considered to be the main hub to spot real whales living in the wild. 

Whale watching tours in Akureyri | Ragnar Blog

Go Horse Riding Around The Beach

My Little Pony‘ has always been one of the most popular cartoons among kids. If you travel to Akureyri, you’ll have a unique chance to see this tiny horse with mane of incompatible beauty and even ride on her back around black-sand beaches. And hardly everyone of us can boast of such a fantastic experience – observing stunning Icelandic scenery on a horse riding tour. 

While you’re doing this, you’ll be amazed with splendid fields of meadows and beautiful fjord-side paths that surround Akureyri.

What to do in Akureyri? Go Horse Riding | Ragnar Blog

Relax In A Beer Bath

Icelandic Vikings believed that alcohol was a sacred gift from gods. They shared drinks as mead or wine to enjoy each other’s company and lose themselves in a moment. Even being drunk was considered to be blessed by Nordic gods. But now, you shouldn’t feel yourself on cloud nine drinking too much alcohol. 

You can hop into a beer barrel full of hops and simply relax in Bjórböðin SPA. Believe us, this place will well-worth your visit in Akureyri. You’ll feel yourself as if you’re a Nordic god – Odin – who ascended from heaven to relax in a bath of beer yeast and aromatic flowers. 

Discover An Awe-Inspiring Nature 

Northern Iceland is rich for natural discoveries. From charming landscapes, rebellious volcanoes, and cloud-kissed rocks to alluring northern lights – you may explore whatever miracle of nature that your soul wishes. 

Once you’ve discovered all outstanding sights of Akureyri, take a 90-minute drive to marvel at Lake Mývatn and Dimmuborgir area. As an old Nordic legend says, Dimmuborgir was the place, where a devil landed after being expelled from heaven.

An Awe-Inspiring Nature of Northern Iceland | Ragnar Blog

Visit Elfin Houses

About 20 km away from Akureyri, you may find a fairytale spot where elves might live in gnome-like houses with grass-covered roots. Its name is Laufás. Rarely can you find such a fascinating place like this open-air museum in your home country. 

While walking around Laufás, you may see a real rural life of Iceland in the 19th century. Its manor farms, traditional housing, hand-made craft, and other interesting things will be available to you. 

Taste Local Cuisine

Akureyri doesn’t only have must-see natural sights to visit in North Iceland but also offers a wide range of restaurants and cafes where you may have a sweet tooth of yummy Icelandic dishes. So where exactly can you dine while you wander around this city?

If you want to eat in front of jaw-dropping natural views, you should choose Strikið restaurant. You may flavor mouth-watering bites of roasted lamb and other delicious plates of Icelandic cuisine. 

Take a Dip In The Akureyri Swimming Pool

If your trip is planned for winter, you can put this thrilling activity on your must-do things in Akureyri. The Akureyri Swimming Pool has different water experiences to try: from relaxing saunas and hot tubs to cold plunge pools (what an awesome swim must it be in winter, eh?).

Even swimming and mesmerizing the main Akureyri’s architectural highlight – Akureyrarkirkja church – will be memorable for you. 

Take a Dip In The Akureyri Swimming Pool | Ragnar Blog

Feel Magnetic Charm Of Akureyri With Ragnar! 

North Iceland is like a box of golden treasuries. But instead of jewels, we find breathtaking natural sights and vibrant culture. Ragnar organizes cruise tours from Akureyri that will make your traveling experiences even more fascinating and unforgettable. So look at our Icelandic trips and book your eye-opening adventure with us. 

Enjoy the Many Wonders of Iceland

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