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Wanna Rent a Luxury Yacht? Read Our Expert Tips!

23 January 2021

Traveling to the most remote corners of the world captivates the minds and hearts of every curious adventurer. About two hundred years ago, people didn’t have absolute freedom to choose where to spend their holidays. 

But now, we’re lucky enough to choose whatever place and means of transport to marvel at the outstanding beauty of our planet, from tropical jungles to giant icebergs. 

So if you think about renting a yacht to set foot in Alaska or Fiji, our useful tips will be helpful. 

Rent a Luxury Yacht | Ragnar

Why Should You Rent a Yacht?

If you decide to rent a yacht, you’ll get the abundant benefits you’ve ever dreamed of. One of them is absolute freedom to travel wherever you want, from visiting the white-sand tropical beaches to gazing at northern lights in Norwegian Svalbard. 

Whenever you plan your once-in-a-lifetime trip, renting a superyacht like Ragnar will be a perfect choice. Aboard such a mighty vessel you’ll experience exclusive services from Michelin-star plates to relaxing SPA procedures. 


Tips to Consider for Renting a Lush Yacht

Organizing a comfortable yacht trip isn’t an easy task. The level of services and facilities is one of the main factors that you should bear in mind while looking for a perfect vessel for your journey. So if you have difficulties with renting a yacht, read our handy suggestions: 


Pay Attention to the Interior 

While sauntering along sumptuous and opulent interiors, everyone may feel themselves as if they were a king or a queen. So if you want to experience the same, rent a luxurious yacht like Ragnar

Designed in a Medieval warship-theme by the British design studio – Redman Whiteley Dixon – this powerful yet beautiful vessel will amaze you from the very first sight. Posh armchairs, royal double-bedroom suites are among a few things that you may see onboard Ragnar. 

Luxurious yacht interior | Ragnar

Choose a Vessel with High-End Services 

Personal chef who can prep Michelin-star plates to soothe your yacht vacation with rainbow-colored rays sounds like an unreachable dream. But not aboard Ragnar! 

Once you embark on this luxuriant superyacht, you’ll have the best services and facilities in your life. You as a passenger of Ragnar will have work-out exercises in a highly equipped gym or indulge yourself in relaxing steam rooms. 

It doesn’t matter how long and where you travel as onboard our lush vessel, you’ll treat yourself royally. From savoring classy Chardonnay to sleeping in nicely ornamented cabins – all that will give you sweet reminiscence of a faraway yet rich kingdom. 

Michelin-star plates to soothe your yacht vacation | Ragnar

Rent a Superyacht with a Top-Deck Jacuzzi 

Tender kisses of ocean breeze and joyous squawking of seagulls… Such sublime scenery you’ll see when you sit in a blue-pale jacuzzi, holding a glass of sparkling champagne. 

Aboard Ragnar, you’ll have this exciting opportunity to marvel at the out-of-the-world surroundings and celebrate each day of your yacht trip in the outdoor bathtub. 

Don’t be afraid of cold temperatures if you travel around the polar lands. Onboard Ragnar, our open-air jacuzzi has a powerful heating system so that you can stay and mesmerize the arctic and antarctic splendor yacht vacation in the tropics around you. 

Top-Deck Jacuzzi onboard Superyacht | Ragnar

Select a Yacht with a C-Deck Swimming Pool

Swimming in the large outdoor swimming pool and witnessing a celestial ballet of northern lights may be a surreal experience for every avid traveller. And you as a VIP passenger of Ragnar will have this chance!

Onboard our superyacht, you may organize a mind-blowing party, savor sweet Piña Colada, and have the best time of your life! 

Ragnar Yacht with a C-Deck Swimming Pool

Book a Yacht Where Your Helicopter May Land

Flying on a helicopter to see polar or tropical grandeur will enlighten your vacation on a yacht with beams of cheerful mood and enormous joy. 

If you want to get such a delightful experience, rent a superyacht with a spacious helipad. This way, you can land your helicopter hassle-free and explore every nook and cranny of our beautiful planet from a bird’s-eye view. 

Yacht Where Helicopter May Land | Ragnar

Embark on a Superyacht to Have Memorable Activities

While you’re spending your yacht vacation in the tropics or in the polar lands, you will definitely want to see its stunning marine life and take diving lessons. Thus, if you have a strong desire to gaze at coral reefs and swim together with rays, you should experience scuba diving. 

Aboard Ragnar, you can try these thrilling activities and discover the hidden secrets of marine life. 

Scuba diving with Ragnar

Rent Ragnar and Reach Destination Wherever!

A superyacht is a touch of luxury that will brighten up your holidays regardless of the distance and weather. Once you embark on a journey with Ragnar, you will be surprised by its excellent level of services and facilities. 

Lush restaurant, delicious-sounding cuisine, and a wine cellar are among a few things that you may try while traveling on our high-end vessel. 

Reach out to us, and we will help you organize a once-in-a-lifetime yacht trip catered to your needs onboard Ragnar. 

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