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Wanna See the Real Santa Claus? Visit Lapland on a Superyacht!

23 December 2020

Lapland is a sublime land with numerous wonders. And once you reach this glorious kingdom, you’ll see how elves help Santa Claus pack his sleigh with bags full of Christmas presents. Or you may even witness how teeny dwarfs in red hats prep a glogg – a traditional Finnish mulled wine. 

New Year’s Eve in Lapland resembles a fantastic fairytale. But you can spice your Finnish holidays up by embarking on a superyacht. New Year’s Trip to Lapland on a Superyacht | Ragnar

Why a New Year’s Trip to Lapland Should Be on a Superyacht

Cute huskies, northern lights, and roaming reindeer… All these wonderful things may come to your mind when you think about celebrating New Year’s Eve in Lapland – a magnificent land with endless snow and innumerable miracles!

If you’re in doubt and don’t know how to celebrate your ideal Christmas holidays, choose a superyacht like Ragnar. 

Opulent interiors, sumptuous rooms, a gorgeous bar, and an elegant wine cellar will blaze your eyes once you set foot on such a powerful vessel. Onboard Ragnar, your New Year’s journey to Lapland will be bright, joyous, and luxurious. 

The nooks and crannies of breathtaking Lapland

Must-Do Things While You’re in Lapland 

Lapland is a splendid kingdom enriched with a powerful spell that enchants everyone who visited it. So, if you wonder how to explore the nooks and crannies of this breathtaking land, read our handy list of activities: 

Please Your Tummy with Exclusive Lappish Delicacies

Winter temperatures are high and rigid in Lapland. From December to February, you may experience between 16 and 3 degrees below zero! Thus, if you plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Lapland, you should have a sweet tooth of warm and lip-smacking plates from Lappish cuisine like these: 

  • Reindeer meat

Visiting Lapland without savoring its iconic reindeer meat is like being in Rome and forget about taking nice photos of the old-age Colosseum. Sautéed and served with mashed potatoes or loganberries – edible Arctic fruits, this divine-tasting dish has mild and pleasant tastes. 

Visiting Lapland and savoring its iconic Reindeer meat
  • Leipäjuusto (bread cheese)

Authentic Lappish leipäjuusto is famous for its brown marks and squeaky sounds that it makes in your mouth. Paired with cloudberries and fruity jam, it’s usually served as a sweet dessert in restaurants. So, when you sail across arctic waters onboard Ragnar, ask your master chef to prep delightful leipäjuusto for your breakfast. 

Leipäjuusto (bread cheese) onboard Ragnar
  • Lapin Puikula (almond potatoes)

Lapin Puikula is a potato type that is only cultivated in Lapland. It’s called ‘almond’ thanks to its elongated shape. The other distinctive characteristics of Lapin Puikula are subtle, floury, and buttery tastes. 

Lapin Puikula - a potato type that is cultivated in Lapland

Meet Real Santa Claus in Rovaniemi

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!  is one of the most popular expressions of Santa Claus. Hardly can we believe as adults he really exists. But once you organize a New Year’s trip to Lapland, you may see Santa Claus with your own eyes!

In the capital of Lapland – Rovaniemi, this whitebeard and cheerful man lives. All year round, Santa Claus welcomes as guests both kids and adults to his cute wooden house where they tell him about their wishes and expectations for the next year.  

And you can also do the same when you’re in Rovaniemi, especially on New Year’s Eve! This way, your long-awaited dreams will definitely come true. 

Meet Real Santa Claus in Rovaniemi

Pull a Sleigh with Huskies

While traveling around icy-cold yet beautiful Lapland, you shouldn’t miss out on a chance to become a chief musher and pull the sleigh with Finnish huskies. And don’t be afraid of falling off as your faithful doggy companions will guide you through Lappish landscapes safe and sound. 

Other than that, you’ll experience the untouched splendor of Lapland – its snow-capped hills, glistening-blue waters of Lake Pallasjärvi, dense forests, and much more. 

But if you don’t want to ride on a sleigh by yourself, ask a professional musher to pull it. This way, you will race like a wind gazing at frozen grandeur around you. 

Pull the sleigh with Finnish huskies

Indulge Yourself in the Finnish Sauna 

Lapland is a magical place where you can gaze at spectacular nature, explore rich arctic wildlife, and delight yourself in the traditional Finnish sauna. 

Located in the middle of pure Lappish lakes, you may hear the sounds of crystal water, playful swirls of whistling winds, and loud barking of huskies. 

If you dream about celebrating the New Year’s Eve in the authentic Finnish sauna, doing it in Lapland must be bliss! You’ll not only enjoy the silence of the Lappish nature but also get rid of all your worries. 

Finnish Sauna in Lapland

Raise a Champagne Flute Aboard Ragnar!

Traveling to Lapland on a superyacht sounds like an unreachable dream. But it’s not! With Ragnar, you can set foot on our planet’s most remote lands – from frozen Alaska to sunny Seychelles. 

You can even organize your wedding, celebrate a birthday party, and raise a champagne flute on New Year’s Eve on your way to Lapland. Onboard Ragnar, you’ll have high-end services like relaxing massages, cosmetic procedures, Michelin-star plates, and classy wine vintages taken from a special collection. 

Whether you plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a twist on your way to awe-inspiring Lapland, rent Ragnar to make your trip memorable and unforgettable!

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