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What Arctic Adventures Can You Experience on Your Trip?

22 October 2020

Feel Timeless Splendor of the Northernmost Region on Earth 

The Arctic Circle area resembles the Snow Queen. Like the protagonist of a famous fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen, this northern land seems to be cold and unapproachable. But it’s not true in reality. The Arctic has numerous pleasant secrets. When you step on its frozen land, you’ll be amazed by its jaw-dropping beauty that this mesmerizing kingdom has. From wonderful wildlife to spectacular nature, you’ll find everything that interests you. 

So, is the Arctic boring? No, it’s not. And if you think the opposite, read our material about arctic adventures that every curious traveler must do!

Arctic Adventures Can You Experience on Your Trip with Ragnar

Navigate Through the Northwest Passage

The Northwest Passage sparked interest in many brave explorers. For hundreds of years, this icy sea route seemed a mysterious riddle that hardly everyone could solve. But now, the Northwest Passage has opened its doors for innumerable travel enthusiasts. If you’re one of them, embark on the arctic cruise with Ragnar to follow the footsteps of notable polar explorers like Sir John Franklin, Henry Hudson, John Cabot, and others. So travel back in time to understand what desire drove these famous arctic adventurers to reach the Northern Hemisphere.

Northwest Passage. North Pole Experience with Ragnar

Meet Indigenous Arctic Tribes 

In the far North of the Arctic realm, indigenous tribes live. Iñuit, Yupik, Chukchi, and other native communities found their home there. They make their dwelling places and hunt for polar animals as their ancestors did for millennia. Seeing how indigenous arctic tribes managed to adapt in the icy-cold conditions is a real eye-opener. Instead of wood, they learned how to use snow as a construction material to build their houses – “igloos.” Or you may witness how indigenous tribes travel around arctic tundra with sleds pulled over ice and snow by dogs. You can experience this exciting adventure as well on your arctic trip. 

Kayak in the Icy Arctic Waters

Sea kayaking was a special privilege only for the true inhabitants of the Arctic kingdom – indigenous tribes. But currently, this pleasant activity is available to everyone. Imagine yourself sitting in the kayak together with your friends. You paddle silently across the Arctic Ocean. You breathe fresh yet cold arctic air and mesmerize an awe-inspiring scenery around you: mighty icebergs, screaming seagulls, roaring seals, etc. Everything you observe on your way makes your heart beat harder because of all the stunning miracles you’ve already seen. 

Marvel at the Northern Lights 

The arctic wonderland offers countless surprising moments for its guests. The northern lights, a unique phenomenon of nature, also set the scene in the Arctic Circle. You can stare at this celestial ballet of green, blue or pink hues on the sky from September to March around the clock. So you should book your arctic tour closer to these months to catch the whole capacity of this colorful plethora. Before your trip, you may visualize yourself staying on the balcony of your cozy hotel room with a glass of sparkling wine in your hand, gazing at a dancing array of the northern lights. 

Northern Lights. Arctic Adventure tour with Ragnar

Set Your Foot on the North Pole 

Reaching the northernmost point on Earth was an unachievable goal for centuries. Many explorers tried to get there, but their efforts went in vain. Now, every curious traveller can set their foot on the North Pole. And even traveling there must be a thrilling adventure! It doesn’t matter what transport you choose – an icebreaker, a helicopter, or a balloon – your trip to the North Pole will be incredible. You can marvel at spectacular icy peaks and snowy landscapes from the sky – so don’t forget your camera to capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

Search for Polar Bears and Whales

Polar bears and arctic whales are two iconic animals of the Arctic Circle. And it’s one of the prime reasons why we head to the North. Transfer yourself being on your polar adventure. You stay on a ship deck and marvel at frozen Arctic land. Suddenly, you see some white spots walking on ice shields and jumping big fish emerging from the frozen waters. It’s more likely that you witness a polar bear and an arctic whale. So if these animals were on your bucket list of must-see things in the Arctic, our congratulations – you’ve just accomplished your goal. 

Search for Polar Bears and Whales. Arctic Adventure | Ragnar

Make Your Arctic Memories Memorable With Ragnar! 

The Arctic realm isn’t boring at all. And its cold and rigid look shouldn’t fog your mind as this beautiful region offers many exciting activities to the guests. You can make whatever adventure you wish: from visiting the indigeneous tribes to kayaking in the Arctic Ocean. So do you want to impress your nearest and dearest with catchy photos? Ragnar will help you with that! Look at our arctic tours and select the best traveling option catered to your needs and expectations.

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