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What’s the Arctic Circle and Why is it an Amazing Place?

16 July 2020

From time immemorial, people were fascinated with the lands caked with thick ice. They’ve tried to reach them even before the Common Era. The Old Continent used to send men on multiple expeditions to uncover all the secrets the permafrost had. But due to perilous oceans, changeable weather conditions, and fickle wild nature, they mostly resulted in failures or disasters with many people perishing. Even though it never stopped explorers and scientists from setting off on further journeys. 

Nowadays, with the many advances in marine navigation, people can reach the lands and waters of the Arctic Circle with no problem whatsoever. Moreover, some ships provide their guests with conveniences not only to endure the difficulties of such a journey effortlessly but also to gain enjoyable and memorable experiences. 

Let’s plunge into the why the Arctic Circle is such a cool (no pun intended) place everyone wants to visit and answer fascinating questions.

Arctic Circle - lands caked with thick ice

What is the Arctic Circle?

The Arctic Circle is the place where you would experience the real cold. Without the proper gear, hardly can humans survive here. But despite all of these, when you reach the Arctic Circle, you will be mesmerized as this is the place of beautiful white solitude, magnificent coldness, and complete silence. 

The Arctic Circle is the most northern part of the world. It encompasses several countries and several seas and oceans. During winter, the Arctic Circle temperature varies from about — 34 °C to 0 °C or −29 to +32 °F, but can drop up to — 50 °C or −58 °F during the coldest periods. In summer, the temperature is somewhat warmer:  −10 to +10 °C or 14°F to 50 °F.

Where is the Arctic Circle?

Canada, the United States, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Iceland, and Greenland — what is so similar about these countries? The Arctic Circle is what unites them. These are a lucky few who can experience all the wonders this place can provide. And they have access to one of the most beautiful spectacles in the world.

 In total, we have three continents crossed by the Arctic Circle — Europe, Asia (the Russian part of it), and North America. But to be more geographically precise, the latitude of the Arctic Circle is 66.5 degrees north.

The Arctic Circle - fascinating place

What to see in the Arctic Circle?

The Northern  Lights or Aurora Borealis

If you’ve ever seen the Northern Lights, you are lucky. This is a phenomenon that has been capturing the minds of people. Also, lucky are those who can observe it because they live in the area. For instance, citizens of Reykjavik (Iceland), Ilulissat (Greenland), Tromso (Norway), Yukon (Canada), Rovaniemi (Finnish Lapland), Lapland (Sweden), and a few other cities have an opportunity to observe the Aurora Borealis from their windows. 

The Northern Lights is a pallet of shocking pink, radiant green, bright blue, muted yellow and violet. The Aurora sky can easily take your breath away and make you believe in mysterious things. That’s what many peoples believed in — the Inuits believed that the dancing lights were actually their deceased relatives, and Vikings thought it to be the fire of the gods.  

But the reality of the Northern Lights, or to be more precise, the chemistry of the phenomenon is also intricate. When the Sun energy particles collide with neutral atoms in the atmosphere, it emits the energy in the form of light. The light is colorful, bright, and what is known as Aurora. But this is just a place explanation; the process of creating the lights is much more complicated.  

Northern Lights at the Arctic Circle

Diverse and Unique Fauna 

The permafrost is deadly for any human being, but it does not mean that other species can’t survive there. There’re some majestic animals that have ice as their natural habitat. These animals include the Arctic fox, hare, and wolf; the polar bear, seal, walrus, wolverine, snow owl, showy goose, and many others. 

Besides, the marine life of the Arctic Circle is also very unique and diverse. The greatest and mysterious mammals that have ever lived on this planet live in the depths of seas and oceans — whales. The narwhal — marine unicorn is one of the examples. This is a creature that has a long horn or tusk protruding from its head. But this is not for hunting as many may think, it’s a sophisticated communication tool used to attract the opposite sex, according to the recent findings

Belugas and orcas are frequent inhabitants of the cold waters. That’s why the Northern Circle is so fascinating to many visitors. 

Belugas - inhabitants of the cold waters of the Northern Circle

The North Pole 

The planet we live on has only two extreme points — the South Pole and the North Pole or the Arctic Pole. It is still disputable as to who discovered and reached it first. It was believed that the first people were Robert Peary, a US navy engineer, with his several companions. 

If you want to see all the marvels the Arctic Circle has to offer, you can set off for a journey on board the luxury yacht, and you would be amazed at the best memories the trip would bring you.

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