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Why Choose Mega Yacht When Embarking on Expedition to Alaska?

9 February 2021

Alaska. It’s name originated from the world from a Yupik language “Alyeska,” which means “great land,” or “which the sea breaks against.”

Probably this was the first place of contact for people who then settled across North America. They came from Siberia to Alaska by crossing the Bering Strait that connects two continents together more than thirteen thousand years ago. It became home to the Inuit and other ingenious Native American peoples that got used to living in the harsh climate and dangers in the form of bears lurking in impenetrable forests. 

Dangerous yet beautiful, Alaska has always fascinated the minds of its inhabitants and visitors. That’s why it still attracts so many tourists from all over the world. But how they travel the Great Land is different. But only a handful knows that the best way to trip to Alaska and breathe in its fresh air is by setting out onboard a mega yacht. 

Cruising the seas and oceans that wash the land, you’ll be mesmerized by the giant lumps of ice protruding through the water. Huge snow-white icebergs and glaciers will be a common view but which will not get you bored. Spectacular waterfalls will also be a part of Alaska’s magnificent landscape. 

Marine Life of Alaska

You’ll also be accompanied by a pod of dolphins that are competing with the yacht in speed. Or a humpback whale will wave its fin at you while feeding on delicious fish. Moreover, you can see others of these mammals— black-and-whire orcas, gigantic gray whales, and refined fin whales.  

Alaska expeditions onboard a mega yacht will make your encounters with these animals as often as possible and you will always have stunning views from the ship whenever you are—from decks to personal suites. For instance, Ragnar offers its guests four comfortable and stylish cabins and two spacious, luxurious and cosy master suites that overlook the majestic views. 

Outdoors or indoors, equipped with binoculars or without them, you’ll be able to enjoy the marvels that the Last Frontier can offer. 

Wildlife of Alaska

But Alaska is so much more than seascapes and marine life. You can spot a brown bear or two on Kodiak Island or polar bears on St. Lawrence Island. It is also home to eagles, arctic squirrels, moose, sea lions, and many more. You can see them not only from the yacht but sail closer and visit the place where these animals live. Watch them hunt, running away from enemies, or raising their cubs. 

What to Do Onboard the Mega Yacht While Traveling Alaska

You can also visit various islands or even fly over picturesque sites while having your Alaska yacht adventures. Ragnar has its own helipad, which means that it will be easy to make the most out of beautiful sea- and landscapes of the Land of the Midnight Sun, which is a nickname for the US state that shows one of its characteristics—its long days. For example, in Utqiagvik (a city located in the Arctic Circle) the sun does not set for almost ninety days. 

What are other reasons to choose a superyacht when sailing in the Alaskan seas and oceans? Even though you can observe beautiful North American nature and its inhabitants from any angle—from the ship, helicopter, or on foot, you’ll have other activities that you can try your hand in while traveling and enjoying Alaska. 

For instance, you can swim in the outdoor swimming pool or relax in the jacuzzi under the starry night sky or when it is lit with the brightest colors of violet, pink, white, green, blue. The Aurora Borealis is truly a sight worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. 

Other Activities Onboard the Super Yacht

You can also have a whale of a time doing other activities like foil surfing, jet skiing, or kiting overseas during a bright sunny day. Or if you get tired of extreme sports activities, you can always relax in a huge hammock suspended over the water. Or in the SPA center where you’ll get a message or spend time in a sauna. 

Your unforgettable Alaska yacht trip will also include cocktail parties, karaoke nights and you’ll be treated to the most delicious and mouth-watering cuisine prepared by the yacht’s master chef. Moreover, you’ll have the best alcohol bar on board the ship, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy the most delicious and unique cocktails. 

Only a handful of travelers can have the most out of their Alaska yacht adventures — but with a mega yacht everything is possible. 

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