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Why Is Charter Yachting On The Rise? Benefits You Reap With a Superyacht

16 February 2021

It should have been logical to assume that traveling in the times of coronavirus is standing still. And it might be true for quite a lot of people and business owners in various business spheres, especially those who work in the tourism industry. But it’s somewhat different for the charter yacht business, which is on the rise now. But why is it so, and how can you benefit from it? This article will shed some light on these questions. 

The Covid pandemic dealt a crushing blow to many business areas, and the hospitality industry has been impacted the most. According to UNWTO or World Tourist Organization, the virus has had a drastic impact on international tourism — domestic and global flights were canceled, many hotels were closed indefinitely, and country borders were sealed to restrict the coronavirus spreading. In 2020 the industry saw a sharp decline — over 70%. 

But come that some yacht charter business is on the rise? Far and foremost, only a handful can afford access to charters or, be more precise — superyachts — that cruise the world. And this type of traveling is relatively safe during the pandemic. As a result, as soon as borders were closed, you couldn’t do much about traveling — you couldn’t visit another country or stay at a luxurious hotel or visit posh restaurants because everything is closed and you have no idea when the situation will stabilize. 

But charters can provide all of that and even more. You can stay at your luxury suite, have a good time at a SPA center, taste the most delicious dishes, and visit the most mesmerizing parts of the planet Earth. And it will be all on board a superyacht during the world pandemic.

Journey on board a superyacht | Ragnar

What Are The Benefits of a Superyacht? 

  • Total Exclusiveness

First of all, superyachts offer exclusivity. It means that you won’t find a hundred or even a thousand more people with you onboard a vessel. The superyacht will be a safe place for those who’re traveling — a maximum of a dozen guests and a small crew of professionals who’ll cater to the needs and safety of all the travelers. 

Exclusive luxury superyacht - Ragnar
  • Great Safety 

Secondly, superyacht crews are always tested. Rest assured that you won’t catch any virtues, especially the one that has prevented people from traveling, as each crew member is thoroughly tasted before each cruise. Moreover, the crew is responsible for your safety during the whole cruise — no matter what kind of activity you’re having — foiling, surfing, or having a swim in a swimming pool.

Swim in a swimming pool during cruise on Mega yacht | Ragnar
  • Complete Freedom

The superyacht can travel multiple places — from the Arctic Circle, Antarctica, the Caribbean sail the shores of various countries such as Russia, Iceland, Canada, the US, etc. (in case there are no restrictions). This makes the yacht charter business a safe haven for those who can’t imagine his or her life without traveling and who do not want to stay cooped up at one place.

Superyacht travel with Ragnar
  • Comfortable Accommodation

Moreover, a superyacht provides all the things that travelers can’t enjoy at the moment — staying at the most luxurious suites. Elegant master bedrooms and cabins of some superyachts are as luxurious and comfortable as many luxurious suites of the best hotels. 

Elegant master bedrooms and cabins of superyacht | Ragnar
  • Superb Cuisine

On board a  luxury superyacht you can always have a chef who’ll cook the best dishes for you. You’ll be genuinely surprised at the variety of food they can prepare for you and how tasty and mouth-watering they’ll be. 

Superb dishes on board a luxury superyacht | Ragnar
  • Lavish Entertainment

If you think that traveling to various places is the only entertainment onboard a luxury yacht, you will be surprised. While seeing majestic whales, gigantic glaciers, and azure waters can be quite a spectacle to long for during your trip, in the meantime you can indulge yourself in a wide range of activities. From extreme sports such as foiling, surfing, kiteboarding, SUV rides, helicopter flights, and trekking, to sunbathing, swimming, and parties. You’ll definitely get bored on board a luxury superyacht.

Entertainment onboard a luxury yacht | Ragnar

Taking all these into account it’s not surprising that the charter yacht business is on the rise during the world’s pandemic. While the borders of a lot of countries are still closed, luxury ships can sail to various destinations in a safe way — only a few people can be on board a superyacht and its crew is safe to the health of the yacht’s guests. 

Moreover, such yachts provide first-rate accommodation, safety, and a wide range of entertainment. You’ll definitely have the time of your life there.

If you are interested in safe traveling while taking the most out of your cruise, Ragnar, the superyacht explorer, welcomes you on board. Don’t stay at home — travel the world now.

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