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Why Should You Cruise to Fiji?

4 February 2021

Fiji is a tranquil haven. Once you reach this divine archipelago, you may instantly leave all your worries away and have a relaxing tropical vacation. 

Whatever activity you want to choose – whether it’s scuba diving or tasting yummy food – you may find numerous things to do in Fiji. 

So if you’d like to organize the unforgettable trip, rent a superyacht and travel to this wonderful archipelago to have the best time of your life. 

Tropical vacation in Fiji

Top Reasons to Travel on Superyacht to Fiji

Fiji is a bona fide land for having luxurious holidays you’ve ever dreamt of. Palm-lined beaches, lush resorts, and exciting parties are among a few things you can experience there. 

If you want to spice your tropical vacation up with even more bright lights, you should definitely travel to Fiji on a superyacht like Ragnar. 

From the very first sight, you’ll be enchanted with the splendid beauty you see there. Opulent interiors, a top-deck jacuzzi, an open-air swimming pool, and an elegant bar – aboard Ragnar, you’ll have endless services to enlighten your exclusive cruise! 

Travel on Superyacht to Fiji with Ragnar

Mind-Blowing Activities You Can Do in Fiji 

No matter when you plan your Fiji vacation – in winter or summer – you may find numerous ways to indulge yourself there. So if you’re curious to know what things you can do in Fiji, read our handy tips: 

Activities You Can Do in Fiji

Plan a Visit to Tavuni Hill Fort

Among countless forts scattered across Fiji, Tavuni Hill Fort is a real pearl of this awe-inspiring archipelago. From the 18th century, it was a defensive point that protected the island from outside invaders and nasty pirates. 

Once you get to Tavuni Hill Fort, you may marvel at sublime natural surroundings around you from 90 meters high ridge. Lush greenery, teeny wooden houses located near the Sigatoka River, and crystal-blue sky will make your jaw drop and shoulders shiver when you observe this outstanding splendor. 


Gazing at Undersea Marvels 

Fiji is a real pearl full of marine miracles. And if you want to see them with your own eyes, you should try scuba diving. 

Once you plunge into the deepest waters of the South Pacific Ocean, your mind will spin from wonder. Dolphins, sea turtles, whales, and colorful reefs – that’s what you may witness there. 

So if you plan to visit Fiji and want to experience scuba diving, look at the following list of the most popular spots for doing that: 

Popular places to visit Fiji
  • Taveuni is the third-biggest island in Fiji where you can be mesmerized by the Rainbow Reef – a famous diving site. While swimming there, you may touch colorful yet beautiful reefs and see real sharks!
  • Viti Levu is the largest Fijian island where your eyes can spot soft corals and turtles. If you’d like to take great photos of amazing marine creatures, you should definitely go there. 
  • The Astrolabe reef is located in Kadavu, which is one of the most spectacular islands of Fiji. In its pristine and crystal-blue waters, reef sharks, rays, and cute tropical fishes live.


Have a Great Time in Suva 

Bustling streets, vibrant party life, and out-of-this-world nature – all of that you’ll find in Suva, a Fijian capital. 

Whenever you happen to be there, you’ll sparkle your Fijian vacation with sunny rays and bright colors. Only in Suva, you may experience how locals live in this picturesque city. 

While strolling along its lively streets, you’ll see sumptuous yet grand buildings, fascinating Hindu temples, and charming parks. Also, in Suva, you may indulge yourself with high-end local cuisine that you can savor in classy restaurants or buy fashionable outfits in trendy shops. 


Take a Tour to Navala Village 

If you’re a curious adventurer who is interested in the local Fijian culture, you need to take a visit to Navala Village. Nestled on the hilly green landscape of the Ba mountain, this marvelous place preserved its unique identity of Fiji. In Navala Village, you can explore every nook and corner of thatched cottages, get to know the locals, and make friendships with them. 

But if you want to make more out of your trip to Fiji, you must experience the traditional Fijian kava ceremony where you may sip the unusual drink prepared from the root of yaqona. 


Cruise with Ragnar to Explore Off-Forgotten Beauty of Fiji!

Subtle sways of waves, gentle sea breezes, and absolute freedom to travel wherever you want – that’s what you will experience while cruising on a superyacht like Ragnar to Fiji. 

Once you embark on a tropical trip with us, you’ll be amazed with posh interiors, spacious helipad, top-deck jacuzzi, and C-level swimming pool. Only aboard Ragnar, you may treat yourself royally, have a sweet tooth of lip-smacking dishes, and savor classy wines. 

So if you dream about laying on a white-bone beach sipping Piña Colada, rent our superyacht and reach any corner of the world with us!

Cruising on a superyacht like Ragnar to Fiji

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