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Wildlife of the North: Polar Bears

4 June 2020

It might seem that the Arctic is the place devoid of any living creatures. But it’s more than meets the eye. In reality, Arctic wildlife is diverse and remarkable. There is the whale that lives in the freezing-cold waters, the white wolf trotting with its way on the thick ice with its pack, and the walrus that is lazily lying on the floe edge. And one species that we are all so familiar with — the polar bear. Wildlife of the North: Polar Bears

Polar bears or arctic bears are natural-born hunters. Despite their seemingly chubby appearance and joyful nature, you wouldn’t want to meet with them in the wild. They are mighty and powerful predators that weight up to 700 kg (the biggest male bears). The female is half the size of her male counterpart.

Arctic bears - natural-born hunters

Polar bears are well-equipped for surviving in the harsh nature. They have huge paws with long and strong claws, which help them hunt for seals and fish through the ice. Despite their size, they can move fast on the ice and their strength makes them almost invincible against other animals. Their fangs are so strong that they can pull large animals out of the water and eat stingy flesh. But the fur is the most important in their survival, which provides them with thermal insulation. It makes the bear quite hot and warm, so it does not have to worry about the freezing environment. 

Sometimes these creatures can roam miles and miles in search of food or prey and could stay hungry for months. The polar bear is a real hunter. It pursues walruses, seals, fish, and other mammals it encounters on its way. But the bear does not have access to food round the clock. For instance, during the spring and summer periods, the ice is thin and seals are a far cry from the animal. That’s why the arctic bear has to go hungry. 

Still, it does not mean that the polar bear is basking in the luxury of being the only animal that can roam peacefully in the white wilderness without being preyed upon. The only animal, or to be more precise, several of them that can take down the king of the icy jungle is the wolf.

Polar bears - surviving in the harsh nature

Unfortunately, the lack of food or packs of wolves is not the only perils that the arctic bear can face. Encounters with other white bears could turn quite deadly. When two males are locked in mortal combat, the sight of this is absolutely spectacular, as well as terrifying. They have to fight tooth and claw for a female, food, or territory. When standing on their hind legs, the bears can reach up to several meters in height, which makes the fight look more epic. But not all fights end in a sad outcome. Sometimes, the two males that recently fought each other can team up for some time. 

Usually, polar bears are loners. They roam alone on the ice. When a bear cub turns 2.5 years old, its mother abandons it to breed again. But before it happens, she tries to teach her offspring how to survive and provides for both of them. Unfortunately, not many survive. The female arctic bear has the same perils that male bears have, but with one exception — she also has to protect her cub because little creatures can easily fall prey to vicious hunters like wolves.

The life of arctic bears

The life of arctic bears is not an easy task. It involves months of hunger, deadly fights with other bears and packs of wolves, and a constant battle for survival. Moreover, climate change has its toll on animals. For instance, bear cubs are getting smaller and smaller each year because their mothers cannot fatten up enough due to the fast melting of ice, which means that it’s getting harder for them to reach their prey. 

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