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The Golden Rules of Yacht Etiquette You Should Know

20 May 2021

Imagine that you are on board a luxurious superyacht getting ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime sailing vacation, throw a huge party, or arrange a romantic date for your significant other. 

“How to treat a crew? Should I address them to the captain or try to deal with them on my own in case of any issues? Is there any yacht dress code? How many guests can I invite?” These questions will probably cross your mind at some point once you’ve stepped aboard.

So, whether you are a seasoned traveler or planning to rent a yacht for the first time, there are some simple cruise ship rules to follow during your sailing vacation. We’ve come up with a list of travel etiquette tips to make your journey as delightful for the crew as it is for you! 

Sailing vacation on board a luxurious superyacht - Ragnar

The Dos and Don’ts of Yacht Etiquette 

  • Respect the captain and crew

The crew and captain are here to make your adventure unforgettable, meet your expectations, and create a delightful atmosphere, so guests should treat them with the respect they deserve. Remember that the crew members have their quarters to rest and store their stuff, so it’s vital to respect their privacy and not invade their personal space. 

It’s also great to ask the crew members any questions you might have or share with them your food preferences so they can sort everything out in advance. In case of any issues or an accident, don’t hesitate to talk to the captain as they have vast experience of dealing with numerous problems and can help you in no time. 

Welcome aboard Ragnar

  • Follow the safety guidelines 

Among all the yacht charter rules, following the safety guidelines is number one priority. Once you step aboard a yacht, the captain will introduce you to the crew members and tell you everything about emergency procedures. 

You will get detailed information about how to put on a lifejacket, how to embark and behave on a lifeboat, and other guidelines to make your sailing vacation safe. Don’t ignore these rules, and try to remember them as well as you can. After all, everybody on a vessel has one purpose in common—to have a safe and epic yachting experience

Safe and epic yachting experience | Ragnar

  • Don’t wear shoes on a yacht

There is no strict dress code for yachting events, so you can wear whatever you like, depending on the occasion. But there is an unspoken yachting rule about taking your shoes off before you step aboard. Most yachts have delicate flooring that can be easily damaged by high heels or marking soles. Sometimes you can wear shoes aboard a yacht but only soft-soled ones. 

You don’t know where to keep your shoes once you’ve stepped on a yacht? No worries, the crew will provide you with a basket where your shoes will be safe and sound during the entire yachting event. Anyway, it’s much easier to dance on a spacious deck or sunbathe beside a gorgeous swimming pool barefoot than in your regular shoes, isn’t it? 

Sunbathe beside a gorgeous deck swimming pool

  • Plan in advance and don’t invite last-minute guests.

Organizing a party on a yacht, it’s important to clarify how many guests a vessel can accommodate and plan in advance the number of invitees. This sailing rule is essential as the crew can avoid such awkward situations as lack of food and beverages and will be well-prepared to make your event memorable and fun! 

The same goes for the theme of your party. Whether you want to throw a mermaid-themed party or organize a glamorous event in Hollywood style, don’t forget to inform the crew. Thus, they’ll get a chance to offer you a special menu according to the theme and come up with some decorations and photo zones. 

  • Ask about pets and the smoking policy 

As a rule, most superyachts have a no-smoking policy, so guests are not allowed to smoke inside the cabins. Some yachts have special smoking facilities on deck where you can enjoy a cigar without disturbing people around you. Just ask any crew member and they will accompany you to a smoking area right away!

If you want your beloved pets to join you on a sailing adventure, make sure to find a pet-friendly yacht. You can also take four-legged friends on an international cruise, but remember that every country has its own travel requirements for animals. Your pets might need health certificates, passports, or microchips. 

Pets are a huge part of our lives but bear in mind that furry friends can get seasick on a yacht, so it’s vital to consider their well-being before taking them aboard for a cruise. 

Pets on a sea yacht cruise

  • Have fun and don’t forget to rock the night away!

Remember about the main rule of yacht etiquette—let your troubles roll by, relax, and have fun! Ragnar has everything to provide you with an amazing traveling experience: comfortable cabins, delicious food and drinks from a chef, lush SPA services, a gorgeous swimming pool, and a spacious deck for your crazy parties. With a friendly and professional crew of Ragnar, your journey will be unforgettable.

Lush SPA services - amazing travel experience with Ragnar

Embark on a luxurious superyacht and get ready for once-in-a-lifetime adventures! 


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