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Your Epic Adventures on Board a Mega Yacht (Icebreaker)

22 October 2020

Being on board a mega yacht sounds like a dream. From sumptuous heritage-style design to spacious observation decks – your jaws will drop, and shoulders may shiver from amazement while you’re strolling along the gorgeous corridors of the icebreaker ship

The Arctic or the Antarctic? Whatever polar destination you choose, embarking on a super mega yacht with Ragnar will make your journey full of exciting memories. Just kick back and enrich your trip with the following epic adventures: 

Embarking on a super mega yacht with Ragnar
  1. Explore Lesser-Known Polar Land

Thick-layered snow and rigid ice covered polar land for millennia. Frozen yet frosty weather conditions with unbearable blows of winds made arctic and antarctic kingdoms unreachable and unknown to humankind. Ernest Shackleton, Fridtjof Nansen, and other renowned polar explorers sacrificed their lives to discover mysterious northernmost and southernmost areas of our planet. 

But now, both Arctic and Antarctic lands have opened their gates to curious travellers. And everyone, who dreams about setting on an epic tour around polar realms, may witness these out-of-the-earth miracles:

  • Indigenous Communities

Alaska, Greenland, Svalbard, Lapland, and Russian Far East are sweet home to such native tribes as Inuit, Yupik, Sámi, and others. As of 2019, indigenous communities comprised one million people, or 9% of the whole Arctic population. What is even more interesting to know about them is that they continue to live, hunt, and fish like their ancestors did several thousand years ago. 

  • Astounding Wildlife 

Ringed seals lay lazily on icy shields and arctic deer with hefty antlers gaze grass from frozen landscapes – are among a few amazing animals that you may spot in the polar kingdom. And you can marvel at this awe-inspiring scene even from your cabin window! 

Astounding Wildlife from cabin window | Ragnar blog
  1. Gaze at Picturesque Allure of Nature 

While you’re staying on a ship deck, you may observe breathtaking scenery around you: from gentle tips of mighty icebergs to frost flowers floating on icy waters. The nearer your expedition yacht approaches to the coast, the more splendid wonders you’ll see. So once you set foot on polar land, you may marvel at these magnificent phenomena: 

  • Northern Lights 

Yeah, northern lights are the real grandeur of the Northern Hemisphere. Wherever you set your mind to travel around the Arctic, make sure that you chose the right time to see these dancing hues of colors in the sky. For example, Greenland has them between September and April, while in Iceland, you can mesmerize northern lights from late August to mid-April. 

  • Southern Lights 

Not only the Arctic can boast of having a unique phenomenon like northern lights as the Antarctic also has them. Known as southern lights or aurora australis, these solar streams of green and pink cover icy-snow ground of a ‘white continent’ during March and September. So if you’d like to witness this marvel of nature, plan your trip to Antarctica near to this period. 

  • Majestic Icebergs

Mighty icebergs are unbreakable giants that stand like border guards who meet visitors on check-in points to arctic and antarctic realms. And when you’re on your epic travel to the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, these icy lures will be first that you see either from your cabin windows or from your yacht deck. 

  • Mesmerising Landscapes 

Once spring arrives to polar lands, their barren yet frozen landscapes open up their enchanting splendor. Imagine how melting snow and ice unclench moss-covered mountains and tiny flowers like the purple saxifrage, showing off the impeccable beauty of Northern and Southern Hemispheres. 

Mesmerising Landscapes - journey with Ragnar
  1. Take Nice Shots of Giant Whales 

Nothing can get you out from your bed faster than seeing gracious acrobats of polar marine landscapes – whales. They come out from the ocean depths to show off their courteous jumps splashing cold water with large fins and tails. And you may spot such an eye-pleasing scene in both Arctic and Antarctic Circles. 

This way, it doesn’t matter where you’ll head off around polar lands as you can definitely see these iconic whales on your epic trip as beluga, fin, blue, humpback, and others. So putting your photo camera in your bag must be in handy as you may capture a plethora of catchy shots during your traveling adventure. 

  1. Indulge Yourself with Luxury Amenities 

Hardly can everyone believe that a fairytale icebreaker ship exists somewhere in the world. But it’s true. Let’s introduce you Ragnar – a super mega yacht – that provides exceptional polar experiences to travelers. 

While you’re sauntering across its opulent and medieval-themed design interiors, you may see that all swanky spa and pool centers are gathered in one place. Even there is a special spot for helicopters on board Ragnar. Whatever you plan to do on your polar trip, you may find any activity on this luxury mega yacht – whether it’s dining alfresco in world-leading restaurants or savoring special vintages from a nicely ornamented wine cellar. 

Luxury Amenities on Board a Mega Yacht | Ragnar blog

Explore Off-Forgotten Polar Beauty with Ragnar! 

Among all the best of the best expedition yachts, Ragnar is a real masterpiece created especially for having first-class experiences around the Arctic and the Antarctic Circles. Whenever you decide to visit these icy-frozen lands, you may hardly forget their charming splendor. So if you set your mind to explore Northern and Southern Hemispheres, have a look at our polar tours and book the one that you’ll like.

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