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Your Fantastic Marine Adventure – From Maldives To Polynesia

22 October 2020

Maldives or Polynesia? Whatever option you choose, it will be much better to visit them both! Traversing across the Indian Ocean’s mighty waves and heading to the South Pacific will be really an unforgettable marine adventure. 

Exotic cultures, mouth-melting cuisine, sunny beaches, and sparkling-turquoise waters will await you once you reach the polynesian and maldivian islands. So pack your bags and commence your wonderful tropical trip with these handy tips: 

Marine Adventure – From Maldives To Polynesia | Ragnar Blog

Start Your Journey From Maldives 

Dazzling waves of the luminous blue sea and teeny water bungalows looming out the horizon – that’s how Maldives look like at first blush. Whenever you plan to spend your holidays on these out-of-the-world beautiful islands, their white-bone beaches, rich marine life, and swanky hotels will definitely amaze you.

In Maldives, you may experience many unusual activities: from snorkeling with sharks to parasailing. Therefore, once you visit this buzzy gem of picturesque islands, you’ll catch yourself thinking about coming back again. 

So set out on a long-haul trip to Maldives, encounter the unknown, and plunge into thrill-seeking adventures!

Long-haul trip to Maldives | Ragnar Blog

Sail Across the Indian Ocean 

Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, and other brave explorers traversed across the Indian Ocean in search of new lands and material gains. Terrible storms and dwindling food supply were among the main perils that they encountered on their route to enchanting and enigmatic India. 

But now, you shouldn’t follow this difficult path to sail across the Indian Ocean even if you don’t have any intentions to visit India. Just come aboard a cruise yacht and travel from Maldives to the Seychelles. 

Travel from Maldives to the Seychelles | Ragnar Blog

While Away Some Hours in the Seychelles 

Rarely can we find a place in the world where hawksbill turtles saunter along silver beaches like royals. But in the Seychelles, it’s possible! Majestic hawksbill turtles come ashore during a day without fear. So once you set your foot on the Seychelles – don’t miss out a unique opportunity to witness how female turtles scoop a hole in the sand for their egg-nesting process. Believe us, spending a couple of hours to see it will leave long-lasting memories about your marine adventure. 

Majestic hawksbill turtles on the Seychelles | Ragnar Blog

Embark on a Mind-Blowing Trip to Fiji 

Fiji is real splendor full of mesmerizing beaches and awe-inspiring nature. Famed for its luxury resorts, this charming archipelago also offers off-the-tourist-trail adventures like homestay in local villages and kava (yaqona) ceremony. The last one is quite a mind-blowing experience!

Once you happen to attend a yaqona ceremony, you’ll see how the locals prep a ritual kava drink from a powdered root of pepper and serve it in a coconut shell cup. Known for its psychedelic effect on the human organism, you may feel some dizziness in your head and how your tongue gets slowly numb.

Thus, if you’d like to try something unusual and give yourself up to some craziness, you should certainly visit a yagona ceremony in Fiji

Embark on a Mind-Blowing Trip to Fiji | Ragnar Blog

Discover Stunning French Polynesia 

Awe-inspiring sunsets, gentle kisses of sea breezes, and an enormous amount of yummy food – that mosaic experiences you may get on your cruise around French Polynesia. Among 118 scattered islands around the South Pacific Ocean, there are two impressive diamonds – Bora Bora and Tahiti – where you can just relax and marvel at sky-piercing peaks. 

Travel to French Polynesia | Ragnar Blog

Indulge Yourself in Bora Bora 

Bora Bora is a true paradise. It seems that God created this dreamy island to enjoy every moment of your life without the hustle and bustle. Bora Bora has everything that your soul desires! Thrilling nightlife, alluring beaches, turquoise sea water, and delightful cuisine are a few things that you’ll see, try, and experience there. 

What is also good about heading to Bora Bora during your cruise around Polynesia is that you can combine both action-packed and sun-and-sand adventures. Parasailing, snorkeling with sharks, and lolling on a beach – that’s how you can delight yourself in Bora Bora. 

Trip to Bora Bora during cruise around Polynesia | Ragnar Blog

Have a Sweet Tooth in Tahiti 

One of the main glee in traveling to Polynesia is savoring its mouth-watering cuisine. But if you’re a real glutton who loves savoring exquisite dishes – go to Tahiti then! 

As a blend of French and Polynesian traditions, Tahitian cuisine managed to preserve its authentic taste. Almost every dish is wrapped up in leaves, served with coconuts, and cooked in the underground oven – the him’a. 

So when you’re in Tahiti, order a highly beloved dish among the locals – Poisson cru. It’s a true festive twist of Tahitian cuisine, which includes raw tuna topped with coconut milk, lime and lemon juice. 

Delicious cuisine of Polynesia | Ragnar Blog

Broaden Your Traveling Experiences with Ragnar!

From Maldives to Polynesia, there are countless amazing things to see. Toothsome tropical cuisine, exotic cocktails, lush beaches, and five-star resorts are a few experiences that you may try to have a spot-on marine adventure. 

Whether you have some doubts about planning your tropical cruise and what places will well-worth your time, contact Ragnar, and have a once-in-a-lifetime trip with us!

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