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Whale Watching: Observing the Living Wonder

21 May 2020

There’s so much about them. Their lives are a total mystery that many marine scientists have been struggling to uncover for so long. And still, we don’t even know the half about them. What do they sing and why do they do that? How long do they live? And what makes them leave the waters and voluntarily beach themselves? There are still no clear answers to these questions. They are an enigma for us that we are trying so hard to decipher.

 But here they are, in every ocean of our planet. And you can embark on a journey to witness the living wonders that have ever existed on Earth. Ragnar provides its guests with an excellent chance to see whales in their natural habitats — the oceans. 


An excellent chance to see whales in the oceans with RagnarBeauty in Diversity: Toothed and Baleen Whales

These nomads roam all the World Ocean and they are so diverse and unique that you will be fascinated with every one of them. These carnivorous animals vary in size, shape, and weight. Moreover, they are mammals, which means that they feed their calves, and it makes them so much like us.

There are two types of whales — toothed and baleen, or also known as whalebone. The names speak for themselves. Toothed whales have teeth and there are seventy-two species of them in the world oceans. Their teeth help them feed on small fish, cephalopods, and marine mammals. The most illustrious representatives of this type are sperm whales, belugas, killer whales, or orcas, including dolphins. 

The sperm whale, also known as cachalot, is the biggest mammal of toothed whales. Its average size is 48 ft. (14,6 m.) and sometimes it reaches up to 69 ft. (21 m.) It weighs from 35 to 58 tons. Moreover, the cachalot is the deepest marine diver in the world. They can reach up to 10,000 ft, or 3048 m. deep. 

The narwhal is also a toothed whale as its long horn is actually a tooth. But it’s believed that it serves for communication function rather than hunting.

These sharp-toothed animals are amazing predators, warriors, and gentle animals worth observing.  

Whalebone whales, in turn, have a special filter-feeding system called baleen. It helps them feed on small animals such as krill and small fish. Humpback whales, blue whales, grey and minke whales are a few examples of this type. 

The blue whale is the most enormous animal that has ever lived on Earth. Its size is spectacular: the animal reaches up to 100 ft. or 30,48 m. in length on average, and its weight is 150 tons. The size of its heart is compared to a small car and the whale itself has the size of an entire airplane.

They are like living submarines that roam the depth of oceans, with big hearts and strong long tail fins that serve as their oars.

Such is a diversity of these majestic and giant creatures. Рaving a whale watching vacation can bring you the most valuable and memorable experience only a few could have. 

Whale Watching Vacation. Majestic and gigantic creatures

Eerie Songs of Whales

Baleen whales are largely well-known for their mystified singing. Toothed whales can also produce sounds, but not as sophisticated and elaborate as their kindreds. No one knows precisely why they sing and what they’re trying to tell, but it’s definitely a way of communication. But because life in the water has its disadvantages like the lack of light, these creatures have to communicate somehow, and sound is the best way to do so as its speed in the water is much faster than on land. 

Due to the whale’s anatomy, they can produce various sounds like whistles, growls, clicks, and many others. These animals create repeated and predictable patterns of sounds. Songs can vary in length and repetitions and they can be sung for many hours in a row and travel thousands of miles. 

They might want to attract a beautiful female (many singers are male whales), communicate with their whale calves, or they mark their territory by doing so. We can speculate here endlessly. But it’s worth hearing these eerie and haunting songs.

Hear eerie and haunting songs of whales | Ragnar

Imminent Dangers and Extinction

Unfortunately, human activity has changed the face of our world and it has greatly impacted the lives of these gorgeous animals. Commercial whaling, global climate change, noise, and devastating marine pollution have had their toll on the mammals and made a lot of their species endangered. For instance, there are only  10,000-25,000 blue whales and up to 10,000 of bowhead whales, just to name a few. These numbers are upsetting. People are on the verge of losing a great number of those majestic creatures. If we do not take fast and strict measures, we might see it sooner.

Onboard the luxury yacht, you will be able to see these magnificent creatures.  It would be one of the most breathtaking experiences that a whale watching tour can bring you. For some, it might sound presumptuous that whale watching is a safe way to keep the animals out of danger. If more people observed them, they would probably appreciate them. And might become a sobering experience where people would understand and appreciate the beauty of the animals.

Ragnar offers an unforgettable whale watching experience for its guests. So if you are interested in joining, you can contact us and we will get in touch with you immediately.

Unforgettable whale watching experience with Ragnar

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