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Your Tropical Christmas Celebration On a Superycht

18 December 2020

Have no idea where and how to celebrate Christmas? Why don’t you head to the tropics on a superyacht! Whether it’s Fiji or the Bahamas, onboard a luxurious vessel like Ragnar your tropical Christmas will be bright and memorable.

Once you set foot on the opulent deck, your head may spin from amazement. Elegant interiors, high-end services, and extraordinary activities will soothe your Christmas trip to the tropics with joy, happiness, and bliss. 

Why a Superyacht? 

Exclusive leisure, high-end facilities, and lush service are among a few advantages that you’ll have aboard a superyacht like Ragnar. 

While traveling on our powerful vessel, you may gaze at splendid grandeur of evergreen tropical forests, turquoise sea waves, and sun-drenched beaches. And without any unwanted rush, you as a passenger of Ragnar will feel the pleasant sweetness of doing nothing like savoring Michelin-star plates and classy wines. 

Christmas Celebration On a Superycht | Ragnar

Top Tropical Destinations For Your Christmas Holidays

With Ragnar, you can conquer the world, explore its hidden corners, and create delightful experiences like celebrating your Christmas on the tropical islands. If you wonder where exactly our superyacht travels, read this list:

Best Tropical Destinations For Your Christmas Holidays

The Maldives – a Blue-Water Haven

Superb white-sand beaches, majestic palms, and divine-tasting cuisine are among the main reasons why the Maldives is one of the top tropical Christmas destinations. So if you live in a country with cold and frigid winters, this beautifully sublime island will be an excellent choice for you. 

As you reach the Maldives, you may live in a water bungalow and get inspired by stunning sunsets and sunrises. So come aboard Ragnar to experience such divine beauty and celebrate your Christmas in the tropics. 

The Maldives - top tropical Christmas destinations

The Seychelles – Delightful Splendor 

The Seychelles, what an unbelievable beauty! – You may think once you step on this wonderful land. 

Lush greenery, palm-fringed beaches, and fabulous resorts will catch your eyes while staying on a yacht deck. Thus, if you plan your Christmas trip on the Seychelles, be sure it will be an unforgettable experience that only a few people can boast of! 


Fiji – a Tropical Pearl

Fiji is a tropical paradise blessed with numerous wonders, from crystal-blue waters to incredible marine life. 

Whether you want to spend a relaxing trip and celebrate your Christmas Eve away from the usual hustle and bustle, this outstanding getaway will be ideal. 

Only in Fiji you can savor a mind-blowing Negroni, be mesmerized by flower-laden waterfalls, and leave all your worries behind. 


The Bahamas – a Caribbean Wonder 

Rum-happy locals, out-of-this-world nature, and turquoise sea… It’s hard to believe that all these amazing things are gathered in one place – the Bahamas. 

Located in the Caribbean sea, such a charming archipelago enchants everyone from the very first sight. In the Bahamas, you can swim together with cute pigs and have a crazy feast with the locals. 

If you’re in doubt and can’t choose where to go on your Christmas journey, travel to this astonishing land and celebrate your winter holidays with a twist.


3 Fun Christmas Activities That You Can Do In the Tropics 

Spending your tropical Christmas isn’t only limited to lying on the beach while listening to the sea waves’ subtle sounds. You can also do the following extreme yet extraordinary activities: 


Gentle sways of sea waves and tender kisses of a breeze – that’s how your kitesurfing experience will look like in the tropics. 

Wherever you travel for your Christmas holidays – Fiji or the Seychelles – this overwhelming activity will spice your vacation up with a plethora of positive emotions and memories. 

With kitesurfing, you’ll learn how to control the wind power and conquer mighty sea waves in the tropics. 

Kitesurfing - Christmas holidays in Fiji or Seychelles


Wear a diving mask and snorkel in the tropical aquamarine waters to gaze at colorful reefs and teeny fishes. With this fascinating activity, you’ll explore marine life and add impressive memories to your collection of how to celebrate Christmas unusually. 

Embark on your first-class tropical journey with Ragnar, try snorkeling, and get inspired with the underwater splendor of the Maldives, Fiji, the Seychelles, and the Bahamas. 

Snorkeling - unusual celebration of Christmas

Scuba Diving 

Scuba diving in the tropics is such an experience! Dolphins, seahorses, and turtles may surround you when you’re swimming in the deepest sea shelves. You can even spot a ray or a shark there. 

No matter where you’ll try scuba diving – whether it’s in the Bahamas or the Maldives – this fantastic activity is worth trying at least once in your life. Especially, if you want to celebrate your Christmas extraordinarily in the tropics. 

Scuba Diving - celebrate Christmas in the tropics

Celebrate Your Christmas With a Twist Onboard Ragnar! 

Ragnar is a vast vessel where you can find everything for your comfortable and luxurious Christmas trip. Sumptuous interiors of cabin yachts, a gorgeous bar, a womb-like jacuzzi, and a top-deck swimming pool are among several things that will charm you instantly aboard this superyacht. 
So whether you think about celebrating your tropical Christmas, embark on a powerful vessel like Ragnar where every exclusive service will be at your disposal, from SPA to massages.

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