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Arctic travel

Travel the coldest lands of the Russian Far East, reach the top of the world by exploring the North Pole, visit Svalbard in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, and many other great places such as Alaska, Greenland, Lapland, and the Arctic Circle on board the luxury yacht.

Russian far east travel | Ragnar
The Russian Far East

Breathtaking views, wild nature, and unique culture — explore the Russian Far East onboard Ragnar. Adventures are waiting for you.

Trip to North Pole | Ragnar
The North Pole

Be the one to reach the North Pole during a journey that has never been safer.This is the experiencie you will always remember.

Svalbard Vacation | Ragnar

In Svalbard, you can observe the white bear, the arctic fox, visit many historical places, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Traveling to Alaska | Ragnar

Alaska is a beautiful place where you can feel at peace with nature. Discover its history, culture, and nature with Ragnar

Visiting Greenland | Ragnar

Powerful glaciers, wild tundra, breathtaking fjords, and amazing marine and fauna wildlife — visit Greenland to see what it has.

Trips to Lapland | Ragnar

Enjoy the serene nature of Lapland and also many other things like Finnish saunas, Aurora Borealis, and beautiful snowy scenery.

The Arctic Circle

This is probably one of the most mesmerizing places you can ever visit. The Northern Lights, permafrost lands, and wild animals will captivate your imagination.

Your Next Destination — Antarctic

Explore Arctic
Be sure that you get best experience and emotions Arctic expeditions on board Ragnar yacht
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