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Arctic Vacation


Covered with a thick layer of ice and snow, the Arctic is not the first on the traveler’s bucket list. Being a hard-to-reach travel destination, it requires much perseverance and dedication from those who set out on the thorny path of Arctic exploration. Ragnar will ensure you have an unforgettable journey filled with emotions and lifelong memories. Greenland, Lapland or Svalbard? No matter what destination you choose, Ragnar will bring you there.

Destinations in Antarctica


Often referred to as “The Frozen Land,” Antarctica mesmerizes everyone who steps on its icy shores. Rich wildlife, gorgeous landscapes, and unforgettable adventures await you on this magical land. If you’re bored stiff with mainstream travel destinations and are looking for a unique vacation spot, Antarctica might be just what you need. Mysterious South Pole, majestic Falkland Islands, or inspiring South Georgia―pick the place you like and start your journey with Ragnar!

Tropic travel with Ragnar

The Tropics

What could be more adventurous and inspiring than cruising to the Tropics? This part of our planet is rich in popular vacation spots, which will surprise its visitors with a bunch of exciting discoveries. Marvel at stunning seascapes of the Maldives, make your way through the Amazon rainforest, and take a deep dive into a tropical lifestyle. Rely on Ragnar to have a mind-blowing adventure!

maldives photo

The Maldives

As the beloved honeymoon destination, the Maldives stand out as the place where all the nature lovers flock together to enjoy the incredible beauty of its magnifying shores. Formed by 26 natural atolls, the islands offer a fair balance of romance, serenity, and entertainment. Once visited, the Maldives will become your place of power where you’ll want to return again and again.




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