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Explore the hottest destinations onboard Ragnar — Fiji, the Maldives, Seychelles, French Polynesia, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas.

Visit Fiji islands with Ragnar

Visit the amazing Fiji islands famous for their soft corrals in the heart of the South Pacific. Enjoy white-sand beaches, traditional culture, and world-class surfing.

Travel to Maldives | Ragnar
The Maldives

If you want to spend time in the most beautiful waters on the planet, you are welcome to the Maldives. Crystal-clear ocean waves, sunny beaches, and the limitless sky is a perfect pastime for travelers.


A combination of lush vegetation, white beaches, and azure water is what Seychelles is all about. Observe colorful marine life through diving and snorkeling.

Journey to Seychelles | Ragnar
Travel to French Polynesia | Ragnar
French Polynesia

Marvelous nature is waiting for you in French Polynesia. Get ready to be carried away by the most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen.

Caribbean vacation | Ragnar
The Caribbean

The Caribbean is a paradise for all travelers. Bask in the warm water, enjoy the golden beaches under palm trees and immerse yourself in the Caribbean culture.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with large green rainforests and palm-fringed beaches. Have an amazing time in Costa Rica while tasting superb food and trying out underwater activities.

Traveling to Costa Rica | Ragnar
The Bahamas

Breathtaking coral reefs, marine life, and blue waters in the Bahamas — embark on a cruise trip to behold this beauty.

Bahamas - cruise trip with Ragnar
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