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Why Choose Mega Yacht When Embarking on Expedition to Alaska?

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Authentic Thai Dishes Every Foodie Needs to Try

Spicy seafood salad, chicken in coconut soup, tom yum—it sounds hackneyed and a little bit boring, doesn’t it? If it seems that you’ve already tried everything Thai cuisine has to offer, we are here to show you that it isn’t all about curry, noodles, and seafood. In this short piece, we’ve handpicked seven authentic Thai…

May 10, 2021

Breakfast on a Yacht: the Best Ideas for Your Perfect Morning

Breakfast on a superyacht is a unique experience that will make you feel delighted all day long. You can relax on a spacious sun deck and enjoy a soft breeze in your hair while savoring mouth-watering dishes and enjoying your morning cup of coffee. Ragnar is a luxurious five-decked explorer that has everything to fulfill…

Mar 28, 2021

Meet A List of the Most Unusual Tropical Fruits You Should Try

Bananas, coconuts, oranges, pineapples are these familiar tropical fruits we may see every day in the local supermarket. But don’t think that the list of tropical fruits is limited by the assortment of a supermarket. The number of delicious exotic fruits from different angles of the world is far more prominent.  Consisting of a number…

Oct 22, 2020