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Why Choose Mega Yacht When Embarking on Expedition to Alaska?

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The Norse Remembers: Top 10 Viking Maritime Stories You Should Know

The Vikings are renowned for being fearless warriors from Scandinavia roaming the European seas from the 8th  to the late 11th century. The word “Viking” means “pirate raid” in the Old Scandinavian language. But besides ferocious raids, the Vikings also used to trade such valuables as timber, fur, metals, spices, and amber with merchants from…

Jun 30, 2021

Amazon Tribes: A New Wonder of Rainforests?

Going Into the Wild of the Amazon Rainforests  El Dorado seekers, ranchers, gold miners, and other unwelcome visitors were trying to break the silence of the Amazon area for many years in search of wonders. They arrived there like an unexpected storm that nobody predicted. These undesired guests ruined not only the Amazon Basin’s beautiful…

Oct 22, 2020

Read Your Way Through the Arctic—Books to Complement Your Journey [Checklist with the Map]

One of the most exciting and surefire ways of preparing yourself for a wonderful journey is to read about your intended destination in a book. Just imagine how amazing it might feel when you’re visiting the places the main characters of your favorite fiction interacted in. Thus, unknown locations become familiar and made-up or partially-fictional…

Oct 22, 2020

A Day in History: The First Expedition to the North

The mysterious and hardly known North Pole or Northern Hemisphere is always a big marvel to humans. Reaching the North Pole was like an unachievable goal for many adventurers. John Cabot, Henry Hudson, James Cook, and many other famous arctic explorers searched for this barren and rigid icy region. And almost each of them wasn’t…

Jun 04, 2020