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What is Sustainability?


Sustainability is about balancing the needs of the current generations without compromising the ability of future ones to meet their own. It is a comprehensive approach that involves ecological, social and economic dimensions to develop long-lasting solutions to build global prosperity.


Sustainability in Yachting

While yachting and sustainability could seem to be at odds some time ago, the industry is currently making great strides in reducing its footprint on flora and fauna. New technological advancements coupled with the growing demand from customers put pressure on the market leaders to engage in green initiatives.

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Sustainability in Arctic and Antarctica

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Today nearly every superyacht charter company is committed to preserving marine environments. Cooperation with international organizations, participation in scientific expeditions and the application of state-of-the-art techs are just a few of the practices used to make yachting and tourism more sustainable.

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Climate Change

Since climate change is expected to result in the shortage of such essential resources as freshwater or food security, the link between this phenomenon and sustainability is quite strong.
The world’s surface temperature has risen by 2.12 degrees Fahrenheit since the 19th century, which had its toll on the environment. Today we are facing the consequences of climate change in the form of melting glaciers, altered plants and animals’ lifecycles and extinct species.
In response to global warming, the yachting industry undertakes a number of actions to combat the crisis. Regular scientific expeditions are conducted to gain more understanding of climate change and explore its effect on the environment. These findings are used to develop long -lasting solutions to combat the problem and help the industry become more environmentally friendly.
The application of new technologies also aids in reducing water pollution, which appears to be one of the primary causes of global warming.

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Ragnar Mission

By raising awareness and participating in research expeditions, we keep our community informed about the effects human activity has on plants, animals and marine life.

At Ragnar, we strive to create a strong bond between tourism and sustainability by promoting healthy habits among our guests and crew members. We have already reduced our consumption of meat by implementing Plant-Based Mondays on board the vessel. Our team members have also found a way to substitute cleaning products with eco-friendly ones and decrease the amount of plastic onboard Ragnar. By making small steps at a time, we make our contribution to a sustainable future where humanity and nature co-exist in a balanced environment.