Ragnar will become your comfortable home during your stay onboard the mega yacht. The luxurious master suites and cabins will be your perfect haven free of bustle of the outside world. No one will disturb you—enjoy the freedom of spacious and stylish rooms, comfort, and impeccable service.





Step on board this beast of a yacht and feel all the power and strengths it resonates! Converted from a powerful icebreaker, Ragnar has all the required capabilities to reach any destination in this world ― whether it is the icy shores of Antarctica or the heavenly beautiful beaches of French Polynesia. Only a share of luxury yachts can reach the furthest coastlines. Gain your unique traveling experience with Ragnar!



Enjoy the comfort of a five-star hotel while cruising to the destination of your dream! Our exclusively designed master suits are ready to host their guests. Every detail is carefully crafted to create an atmosphere of relaxation and make you feel at home. Brace yourself for the best-in-class journey filled with incredible emotions and unforgettable experiences!



We do not accept compromises when it comes to customer service. Our 13-member crew is well-qualified in meeting your requests. Whether you want to organize an epic show, celebrate an important event or have an unforgettable vacation, we will ensure you get more than you expect. Our commitment to excellence is embedded in Ragnar philosophy and always drives us to new heights.

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Superyacht cabin - Ragnar

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