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Ragnar provides a wide range of activities that will cater to the needs of any traveler. You can spend a wonderful time enjoying panoramic views from one of our decks, rest in a bar or spend a wonderful time with your family and friends in the comfortable lounge. But if you want to add a bit of fun to your journey, Ragnar has a lot to surprise you. Explore our mind-blowing activities to have an incredible pastime!


Have you ever seen the Arctic from a bird’s eye view? Or a tropical island? Oh,
that’s a stunning experience which you can get with Ragnar! While traveling
to your destination, you have a chance to explore all the mesmerizing wonders
of our planet. Don’t restrict yourself — travel water, land, and sky with us!

Diving Lessons

Marine life has long been a mystery covered by a huge layer of water. But getting
a glimpse of this marine fairytale is an unforgettable experience waiting for you
on Ragnar. Our qualified instructors will help you master oceans, see rare species,
and feel how diverse our planet is.



Bring a spark of fun and happiness to your journey by combining
travel and sports in one activity. Kitesurfing is an excellent way
to feel the power of the ocean, get rid of stress and focus
on positive emotions. Whenever you are longing for inspiration
or just need to recharge your batteries, embark on a kitesurfing
adventure with Ragnar!


Beach Barbeque

No matter whether you plan team building, a special occasion, or just want to spend a lovely day in any location of your choice whether it is a sunny Carribean beach or an icy slope, our team will make sure you’ll remember this event for years to come. Exquisite cuisine, stylish decorations, and best-in-class entertainment are at your disposal. Our exclusive catering services will ease the burden of preparation for you and ensure you’ll have the best experience ever!


Foil Surfing

Being a hybrid of surfing and hydrofoil, foil surfing has come to redefine the way sports lovers view rideable waves. With a long in called a blade, you can challenge yourself to conquer the most unreachable heights. So, if you’re surfing-addicted and are searching for a unique experience, be sure you’ll find it with Ragnar — a luxury mega-yacht.


Jet Skiing

If you’re not the kind of person who spends all the trip gazing at the horizon and enjoying breathtaking views, you may get on a jet ski ride to explore the environment and see natural wonders in your own eyes. Feel the adrenaline in your blood, race towards undiscovered lands, and live your life to the fullest!

See It All With Ragnar and Live Your Life to the Fullest!