Once you step on board this luxury superyacht, you get into your little haven where everything is arranged to provide you with the highest level of comfort. Our first-class suits and cabins are no different from a five-star hotel ― exclusive design, superior service and best-in-class entertainment are available to our guests round the clock.


The Blue master bedroom with ensuite bathroom is a combination of elegant style and sheer luxury. Absolute serenity is what can best describe this dark blue, brown, and gold interior. The interior has the atmosphere of nobility and aristocracy. The discrete elegance of the large double bed, cozy fireplace, and modern amenities will make your stay onboard the mega yacht relaxing and comfortable.

The Orange master suite is a combination of contemporary design and grace. Exquisite dark wood with a touch of light brown, creamy white and gold to the excellent amenities of the bedroom and ensuite bathroom will give you a feeling of exclusiveness. No matter what view you have outside your windows—giant icebergs piercing out of crystal-clear water or sunny shores of a Caribbean island—you’ll always feel at home in the Orange master suite.

This cozy bedroom with ensuite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe is a comfortable place to spend mornings and nights onboard the super yacht. There is nothing to distract you from the marvelous views from the suite and the elegant atmosphere of the cabin only adds to your feelings of comfort and peacefulness.

The light brown suite with a touch of dark blue gives you a sense of tranquility and calm. You have everything that will make you feel comfortable — a large double bed, ensuite bathroom with a tropical shower, and a spacious walk-in wardrobe where you can prepare yourself for a cocktail party onboard the luxurious vessel.

Travel to the remote parts of the world as if you were at home. This elegant suite with a private bathroom, wardrobe, and stylish amenities will provide you with a sense of belonging and nothing will disturb you from enjoying majestic views from the wide window overlooking marvels of nature.

This suite will save you from the noises of the outside world — nothing will interfere with your sleep or morning routine. The luxurious bathroom, fine walk-in wardrobe, and comfortable furniture will help you enjoy a comfortable and cozy stay onboard the yacht.

Ragnar offers an elegant and comfortable office where you can tackle all your business tasks at hand. In between, you can relax on a modern bunker bed or take a relaxing shower in the ensuite bathroom. This is the right environment to make your working routine stress-free and productive.