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Why Choose Mega Yacht When Embarking on Expedition to Alaska?

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The Golden Rules of Yacht Etiquette You Should Know

Imagine that you are on board a luxurious superyacht getting ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime sailing vacation, throw a huge party, or arrange a romantic date for your significant other.  “How to treat a crew? Should I address them to the captain or try to deal with them on my own in case of…

May 20, 2021

Ragnar Has Been Nominated For Ocean Awards Yacht of the Year 2021

Ragnar is excited to be one of the two finalists nominated for Ocean Awards Yacht of the Year 2021 as the vessel supporting ocean-saving work and contributing to preserving the marine environment. Equipped with first-class research equipment, Ragnar is committed to supporting international organizations and scientific initiatives by providing accurate data on marine biomes.  About…

Apr 02, 2021

The Superyacht Industry Is Becoming More Sustainable

The transportation industry is one of the most polluting spheres in human activity, along with fashion, agriculture, food retail, fuel and power. Airplanes, yachts, trains, cars, busses, and trucks account for the bulk of global CO2 emissions that drastically contaminate our environment.  Unfortunately, people can’t do without these modes of transport. We get to our…

Mar 06, 2021

Amazing Ideas for Team Building Activities that Won’t Annoy Your Team

“Oh no! Not another dull game like ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ or a trivial bowling session!”. That is exactly what will probably be running through the mind of each employee when they hear about an upcoming team building event. When planning such events, it is important to realize that each person is unique, therefore,…

Feb 24, 2021

How to Make Your Tropical Getaway Unforgettable? Here are Some Tips

This warm and pleasant anticipation of the future Tropical trip is always both exciting and a bit scary. Preparation, new places, new people, and probably the new means of travel such as a superyacht. All of it is growing a snowball of anxiety. No worries! With proper preparation, you have nothing to worry about. And…

Jan 10, 2021

Wanna See the Real Santa Claus? Visit Lapland on a Superyacht!

Lapland is a sublime land with numerous wonders. And once you reach this glorious kingdom, you’ll see how elves help Santa Claus pack his sleigh with bags full of Christmas presents. Or you may even witness how teeny dwarfs in red hats prep a glogg – a traditional Finnish mulled wine.  New Year’s Eve in…

Dec 23, 2020

Why Exclusive Charters Are Best for Your Journey to Antarctica

Traveling to the remotest parts of the world is becoming accessible and convenient as never before. There’s no more need to endure even the slightest inconveniences during a voyage to Antarctica. Luxury yachts, which are cruising the passes to the southern continent, provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy your expedition to Antarctica that once was…

Dec 03, 2020


Meet Ragnar—Your Provider of  Luxury Trips on Board a Mega Yacht Get the best out of your ship tour on board Ragnar—the first-in-its-class mega yacht with all the properties of an icebreaker. Read on to find out more!  

Oct 23, 2020

Wildlife of the North: Arctic Reindeer

The Crowned Heirs of the Arctic Kingdom  Arctic reindeer – who are they? Who are these majestic creatures with a crown on their heads? We see reindeer as the ones who pull Santa Claus’ sleigh with Christmas presents for children.  But in reality, these incredible animals can be true royal heirs of the Arctic realm….

Oct 22, 2020

Ragnar: Your Provider of Unforgettable Memories on Board a Mega Yacht

The yachting experience is something that cannot be compared to other types of entertainment. Once you set foot on the bridge during your first ship tour, you won’t want to exchange this journey for anything else. The gentle sway of the waves instills serenity, courteous staff take care of your needs, and magnificent views are…

Oct 22, 2020